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FluxPocket is a module created by Umar Ahmad for the FluxKraft distribution of Drupal. FluxKraft is an easy tool you can use for self-hosted, social automation. However, it does not support Pocket by default.  As a result, Umar Ahmad made the FluxKraft module as part of his Google Summer of Code 2014 project. This blog post was made for Google Code-In 2014 to test and review FluxPocket.


The installation process is very simple. The module can be cloned and enabled with no errors. The instructions are clearly written in the USAGE.md file. The most complicated part of the installation can be attributed to running commands:

FluxPocket Installation

If the second command’s output is “Killed“, you can restart your Apache/PHP server to fix this and finish installing all dependencies.


All Pocket integration is nicely fitted in with the other services available in FluxKraft such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and DropBox. You can easily follow FluxKraft or FluxPocket instructions to install and configure Pocket service such as creating a new Pocket app, and enabling access to the app from your Pocket account. However, one problem is after adding the service account under Configuration -> Web services -> Service accounts -> Add account, the pocket account needs to be added again by clicking Service accounts (at top right of screen) -> Add account. Other than this, configuration is very smooth.

FluxPocket Configuration


Adding new rules to FluxKraft with FluxPocket is seamless. Many events and actions are detailed in the GitHub repo, and all seem to work great! Examples of events are: if new URL is added to Pocket, or if URL is added to favorites in Pocket. Examples of actions are: Add URL to Pocket, Archive URL in Pocket, Add/Replace/Remove tags of a URL in Pocket.

FluxPocket Create New Article

FluxPocket Pocket Article


Lastly, it can be said that the FluxPocket module is a solid addition to the FluxKraft distribution of Drupal. Events and actions that are provided by this module work great in integrating Pocket with the other services available by default.

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